Welcome to our blog! All about our boat, ‘Joint Venture’.

We’ve decided to start writing this blog because after one year of boat ownership we have already done so much that it is difficult to keep track of all the adventures, near misses and ongoing maintenance of the boat. Part of the reason for writing this is for personal recollection but also because Joint Venture came with a fantastic catalogue of documents that charted her entire history right from her first launch, past race results and manuals for every bit of kit on board. Like all of the previous owners, we wanted to continue documenting the history.

When we bought the boat she was called Ahimsa, which I believe is a Buddhist virtue about all life having energy and that you shouldn’t take that energy away… something like that anyway. It felt hypocritical to have a boat named after this virtue when we were killing and eating any fish we caught! Therefore we changed the name to Joint Venture pretty swiftly.

First launch

Joint Venture is an Alan Buchanan designed Nantucket Clipper 32 built in 1981 by Northshore Shipyards of Chichester. She’s built from GRP, with a yawl rig and a long keel. The boat has a traditional look about her which people love; we regularly have people coming to ask us about her and she has become quite popular in her home port of Brixham, Devon.

Since taking ownership, we have had some real adventures and we’ll update this blog with anything interesting that happens as well as posting some pictures and videos from last season.

As a taster to that… the picture below was taken in a bay near Mevagissey in July 2016. As we closed in on the coast looking for a suitable spot to anchor we could see that the bay we had picked out from the chart was a heavily crowded tourist spot. It looked more exposed to the elements than we had thought from looking at the chart and we were a tad disappointed. However just off to the east we spotted a perfect little beach, that seemed inaccessible on foot judging from the cliffs surrounding it. After checking the depth we dropped anchor to have lunch. We ended up spending the entire afternoon relaxing and fishing, with great music and a few beers. As the sun began to set we finished off the day by taking the dinghy in to the secluded beach which turned out to be littered with driftwood so a fire on the beach that evening just had to happen. All in all a fantastic day!



Thanks for reading,

Josh and Craig

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